Desperate mother selling kidney to bail out son jailed in India for selling miraa

Richard Koome
Richard Koome, a Kenyan jailed in India for selling miraa. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last four years, Zipporah Nkatha has not seen her son Richard Koome who is languishing in an Indian jail for selling miraa which is a prohibited drug in the Asian country.

Koome was arrested in Mumbai with 66kgs of miraa which would land him behind bars as Indian authorities accused him of peddling the illegal drug into the country.

Koome had been selling miraa in Eastleigh and was trapped into travelling to India to sell the drug courtesy of an Ethiopian businessman only identified as Yusuf who paid for his air ticket.

Now, his mother who lives in Igembe South is desperate and knows not what to do except offering to sell her kidney to bail out her son who has been languishing in an Indian jail.

Nkatha says she had held a fundraiser to raise the amount but no one turned up leaving her without any other choice other than selling her kidney.

“I have suffered a lot. Right now I am ready to sell one of my kidneys,” she said adding that this could help a little in raising Ksh1 million fine imposed on Koome by an Indian court.

She still appeals for help saying that her kidney cannot fetch Ksh1 million, therefore, requires help from well-wishers in topping up the amount on top of what she will get once she sells her kidney.

“I am appealing to our leaders wherever they are, to known that he (Koome) is a child just like other children and he was going there to help himself and whoever sent him doesn’t bother much on how he will get out of that place,” Nkatha appealed.

When he was arrested, Yusuf got Koome a lawyer but then went quiet. His phone number is inactive.

Pleading guilty before an Indian court, Koome pleaded for leniency citing that he was not aware that miraa was a prohibited drug in India.