July 20, 2018

Diaspora vote favors Uhuru in provisional results

The study did however show that not all bribes translated into a vote/FILE

President Uhuru Kenyatta took an early lead in the Diaspora.

Results from the IEBC portal show Uhuru got 1504 votes while NASA’s Raila Odinga got 1321 votes.

Thirdway Alliance Presidential Candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot 8 votes while Alliance for Real Change Abduba Dida got 5 votes.

Independent candidate Prof Michael Wainaina got 4 votes while Joseph Nyaga got 2 votes.

Kenyans living in Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda took part in Tuesday’s polls.

In Uganda, cites Daily Nation, Uhuru got408 votes while Raila got 322 votes and Dida got 3 votes.

In Tanzania, Raila led with 394 votes while Uhuru got 393 votes. Aukot got 2 votes, Dida 2 votes while Wainaina got 1 vote.

Raila led in Burundi with 48 votes while Uhuru got 47 votes.

Uhuru led in Rwanda with 298 votes while Raila got 255 votes. He also garnered majority of the votes from Kenyans in South Africa.

He got 358 votes against Raila’s 302 votes.



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