Did Caroline Kangogo commit suicide or not? Government pathologist speaks

Government chief pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor has given a professional view on whether Caroline Kangogo was killed or committed suicide.

Speaking at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital after a postmortem on Caroline, he said that it is true she died of a single bullet wound to her head.

Dr Oduor in his report said that the bullet entered the body through the right chin and exited from the left side of the head with a trajectory going through the spine to the brain.

“When I looked at the gunshot wound entry, I established that it was a contact wound which means the gun was on the skin when it was fired as evidenced by a hole and soot around the area. This is what we call muzzle imprint in technical terms,” Oduor said.

He added that although he is a professional in ascertaining the causes of death, he cannot determine if or not Caroline was killed.

“My job as a pathologist is to investigate the cause of death. Manner of death involves many things that are supposed to be done and that’s why we have taken samples to the lab to help us establish the manner of death which can either be suicide, accident or natural cause,” he added.

Caroline is alleged to have shot herself at her parents’ home in Anin, Keiyo, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

But, a section of Kenyans refuted claims that she committed suicide after nearly two weeks on the run as a fugitive.

Caroline was wanted for the murders of Police Constable John Ongweno and a security expert Peter Ndwiga.

A corporal by rank, Caroline confessed to killing the two men in a draft message recovered from her phone.

She was battling depression from her failed marriage and family rejection stemming from this.

She was remorseful over Ongweno’s death, saying she loved him so much.

As for Ndwiga, she has no regrets citing that he conned her Ksh1.5 million.