Did city tycoon’s wife order KBC journalist Betty Barasa’s death?

Betty Barasa
Betty Barasa, a KBC journalist who was killed at her Ololua home in Ngong. [Photo: Courtesy]

Police are pursuing a crucial lead in the murder of slain journalist Betty Barasa who was assassinated on April 8 at her Ololua home in Ngong.

Sources from quarters familiar with the investigations reveal that detectives are pursuing a hypothetical lead of the murderer being a jilted wife.

According to a source privy to the investigations, the late journalist allegedly had an affair with a city tycoon who bankrolled her lifestyle.

Detectives believe that the tycoon was behind her financial muscle in executing multi-million-shilling tenders by a state corporation.

The investigators have a theory that the tycoon’s wife got wind of her husband’s relationship with Barasa and sent hitmen to wipe her out.

Barasa was a senior video editor at KBC. Her colleagues praised her as an industrious woman.

Police are still conducting investigations into her death and following leads to apprehend the three gunmen who executed the chilling murder.

Earlier, police were pursuing a lead that indicated that her death may have been occasioned by a business deal gone sour.

Lawyer Wahome Thuku in commentary about the case said that there are crucial leads to follow in determining whether the alleged jilted wife indeed ordered Barasa’s murder.

On the day of the murder, Betty was at her gate when three gunmen pounced on her and held her hostage before demanding ransom.

They had AK47 rifles. They entered her house and headed straight to the living room where two of the gunmen kept watch of the other family members while the third one accompanied Betty upstairs.

Moments later, gunshots were heard upstairs before the gunman who had accompanied Betty emerged alone and quickly confiscated her laptop and phone.

They left in a rush. Betty was shot twice in the head at close range
A DCI detective probing the case said one of the witnesses who was hiding in the house overheard the thug that shot Betty in her bedroom saying that they have shot her.

“Sisi tumetumbua,” he said in sheng meaning “we have killed her”.
Betty’s house help had gone to open the gate when the thugs who hid in a nearby house under construction appeared. She ran away together with one of Betty’s child and the thugs looked for her for five minutes but gave up.

Police at the time said that the thugs were under instruction from an unknown person who they communicated with on phone.