Dida praises Uhuru, Raila for acting soberly amid political crisis

Abduba Dida []

Former Presidential Candidate on Alliance for Real Change ticket Abduba Dida has hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta and his nemesis Raila Odinga for decorum they have exhibited in the face of political crisis.

Dida said the actions of the two political leaders since the nullification of August 8 polls is encouraging because they have made effort in restraining their supporters from clashing.

Dida was more categorical on the decision taken by government to withdraw police from Uhuru Park on January 30 during the unofficial swearing-in of Raila Odinga.

“Imagine a situation where Raila would have told his supporters to march and occupy State House. Kenya would be no more.

Still, what if Uhuru as the Commander-in-Chief did not withdraw the security the day Raila was sworn-in? It would have been worse. So the two leaders, to some extent, are acting soberly,” noted Dida.

He spoke on Monday during an interview with Citizen TV.

However, Dida was quick to note that Kenya’s precarious political situation could have been similar to that in South Sudan were it not for God’s grace.

“It is God’s grace that has kept the country this far. Kenya would have become like South Sudan.”

He said he believes both Raila and Uhuru are good leaders but those surrounding them are poisoned chalice.

“…they are surrounded by tribal cocoons whose aim is to increase hostility between tribes and thrive on the weakness of others.

“Personally, I have no problem with Uhuru. If only he would be himself, Kenya would be better. The only problem is that those around him are after finishing Raila,” said Dida.

He said Kenya’s biggest problem is a section of the self-centred political class which is driven by betrayal and not the urge for democracy and serving their people.

“Our politicians steal money to buy people to put them in office and silence those who try to rise against them. That is what is affecting us [and] the mass corruption that has been reported.”

He, however, asked the President to soften up and talk issues out with Raila to save the country.

“Raila and his brigade are very learned and know what they are doing. The government should move swiftly and find mechanisms to solve these political problems,” averred Dida.