Distressed Kenyan woman kneeling in the streets of Riyadh break hearts

A disturbing video of a distressed Kenyan woman in the streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia further shows the plight of Kenyans working in the Gulf.

The lady in in distress has been identified as Calister Nyamache. She is captured on the viral video frantically pleading for help in the streets of Riyadh.

She runs and stops, kneels and asks for help from passers but no one seems bothered at all as they walk past her without much care.

Kenyans on Twitter have launched an online campaign pushing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to repatriate Nyamache.

Nyamache’s predicament in Saudi also exposes ineptitude and aloofness exhibited by the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta was among those who castigated the government for allegedly forgetting about her people in Saudi.

“Iko shida Saudi Arabia,” he captioned the viral video.

Nyamache’s case come just a day after Patricia Wanja miraculously returned to the country after a one-year stint in Saudi.

Wanja in May recorded a viral video detailing her plight in the hands of a Saudi employer and a rogue Kenyan agent.

Through concerted efforts by different lobby group and the Kenyan government, she returned home never to set foot back in Saudi.

“We say we want to try our luck and everything but I would not encourage anyone to go [to Saudi] because it is a gamble that would end with the loss of life,” she warned.