Don’t leave your man because he cheated, Loise Kim advises women

Loise Kim
Kikuyu gospel singer Loise Kim. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kikuyu gospel musician Loise Kim has sparked a fierce debate in her advice to women who have been betrayed by their husbands.

Loise in a fiery post on her social media pages said that it is foolhardy to leave your man because he has cheated on you.

Her rationale was that there is no better man than the other because most men will always go out looking for extramarital affairs.

While giving her advice, she maintained that she is in no way encouraging polygamy or immorality in marriages.

“No woman should leave her husband because he has taken another woman reason, no man is better than the other, just know how to handle him and solve your issues,” Loise Kim, a divorcee said.

From different experiences, she warned that most women have walked out of their marriages because the man cheated but they end up hooking up with the worst philanderers on earth.

“If you leave your husband because he has taken another woman and you think that you will go and get a better man out there, am sorry you are wrong, what you will get is another philanderer who is worse than your husband. Fight for this man who belongs to you.

“Therefore, women, stick to your men, know how to handle them, solve your issues and how you will change him.”

Loise Kim a few months ago revisited her ugly divorce with the father of her two children. She said that trouble kicked in when he got a visa to fly abroad for greener pastures.

Months into his stay in the UK, things started falling apart and before long, their communication had crumbled. Their seven-year marriage went down the drain and she was left with the arduous task to raise her children alone.

The debate on infidelity has been rife for the past two weeks after a scandal involving mugiithi maestro Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh and his lawyer baby mama Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh sired a four-month-old son with Nyamu but “tried to hide it from the public” according to the sassy city lawyer.

Nyamu in a recent interview with Jalang’o explained that she went public on the affair she had with Samidoh to force his hand in acknowledging his son, something that he purportedly had refused to do until the boy turned one.

Samidoh, pushed to a corner, admitted that his affair with Nyamu led to the birth of his son. He apologized to his wife Edday Nderitu for the pain the affair has caused her.