Drama at Benjamin Ayimba’s funeral as family hires police to block baby mamas

Benjamin Ayimba
Former Rugby Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba. [Photo: Standard]

There was drama in Siaya on Friday as the late Rugby Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba was being laid to rest.

His family is alleged to have sought the services of police officers from Siaya to wade off his baby mamas from attending the funeral.

At the entrance of the homestead where Ayimba was being laid to rest, the police stood in guard and the woman who had been accompanied by their children had a lot of pleading and explaining to do.

Finally, they were allowed into the venue but warned against taking a seat at the main tent. They complied and were let in.

The children were then denied a chance for a photo session at Ayimba’s grave until fellow Rugby player Quicks Nyakwakwa intervened.

One of Ayimba’s baby mamas was Sandra Dacha, an actress. She lamented how her children were treated yet they were paying their last respect to their father.

She said it was wrong for the children to be treated in such a way yet they had a right to bury their father.

A few weeks ago actress Nyaboke Moraa who bore Ayimba two sons was full of ire claiming that the deceased’s sister referred to her kids as bastards and chokoraas.

She asked why, she, a single woman who has struggled to raise her two kids while Ayimba was still alive should be insulted by a relative who was helped to raise her children.

“A single woman with a child, never married has the audacity to constantly call my babies bastards and street chokoraas. A woman who was helped raise her own child unlike me who raises hers alone. I was always told to be the bigger person, to calm down and oh understand she has kichwa mbaya…….I always kept calm, but now again calling my kids the same? Can’t she just respect even her own sibling????” she posed.

When Ayimba died, she was so broken asking what she would tell her children because she had told them that their father was out for business.

“I am angry because I can’t slap you back to reality I am sad because I don’t know what I am going to tell your boys because they know you went to work far away and will come back one day,” she eulogized the former rugby coach.