Dutch couple: Why we escaped Kenya with Subaru Forester to Namibia

Stephan and Lynn
Stephan and Lynn. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the better part of last week, there was funny talk all about the capability of Subarus the men and women behind the wheel.

This debate was triggered by a Subaru Forester bearing Kenyan registration details being spotted in Namibia.

It is then that it emerged a Dutch couple, Stephan and Lynn were the ‘ambassadors’ flying the Kenyan flag high in Namibia with a pearl white Subaru Forester.

The couple in one of their recently launched YouTube vlog series “Greenhorns” explained that the Subaru SG5 naturally aspirated, was the best option for them to move to Namibia from Kenya.

“We are two famous mzungus who were driving the famous Subaru Forester in Namibia,” they said.

The Dutch couple who seemingly love the African life and life in Mombasa said they had been using public transport in Kenya but took a second thought with the onset of the rainy season.

They decided to hire out a car to move around and explore Kenya but the car hire costs for a 4 by 4 vehicle was over the moon.

That’s when they decided to get a serviceable, used Subaru Forester that was reinforced by a local mechanic to handle the journey from Kenya to Namibia. But it was not before touring Tsavo, Amboseli, Maasai Mara among other national parks.

It is then that they headed for Namibia via Tanzania and Zambia. The Dutch couple took six days with a minimum of 14 hours drive daily.

They were escaping the rainy season in Kenya.

“Some people think we tried to overtake someone at Thika road and took a Long turn. That is not entirely true. We were simply escaping rainy season in East Africa,” Lynn opined.

The Subaru Forester was customized with a foldable roof rack to carry a sleeping tent, food and water while the trunk has a mini-wardrobe and a miniature fridge.