Edgar Obare contemplates quitting after Governor Alfred Mutua’s Ksh10m ‘extortion’ goes wrong

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare. [Photo: Naihaps]

For the last one year, blogger-cum-YouTuber Edgar Obare has been a guest of the state three times, all of which are highly unpleasant experiences.

His expose show that earned him the name “tea master” has been behind his tribulations. Now, he says he is tired of this life and is contemplating looking another way.

Speaking on Friday after his release from custody on bail, he told Kenyans via a live video on Instagram that he has had a toll from the celebrity show which has been punctuated by a chain of arrests.

“I have been thinking about taking a break honestly because I am so tired,” he said adding that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has made him a target courtesy of powerful forces.

“I remember yesterday talking to some people (and) I was telling them if you guys played fair then I play fair, it really bugs me when they don’t play fair. It’s not the tea that is killing me it’s human beings. And then some of us will vote this one guy as president,” scoffed Obare.

Obare was arrested on Thursday for allegedly blackmailing and trying to extort Ksh10 million from Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua.

According to investigations by the DCI, Obare is alleged to have recruited a young lady Desy Achieng to trick the governor with fake pregnancy.

This plan backfired and Obare went ahead to blast Mutua on his social media pages alleging that the governor impregnated Achieng but has refused to take responsibility.

“Detectives from the Cybercrime unit have uncovered an underworld network of criminals involving young ladies recruited by Obare, to stalk prominent personalities in political, business and religious circles for monetary exploitation. The ladies are then coached by Obare, on how to ensnare the victims into their traps then extort unimaginable sums of money from them,” the DCI said in a statement.

Achieng would then flip on Obare and informed police in Nyali that she was coerced into cornering Governor Mutua.

Obare now refutes these claims saying that he is a subject of mudslinging by the DCI who have made him realized that he could land in jail soon.