Edith Wairimu: God used depression to gift me viral song

Edith Wairimu
Edith Wairimu [Photo:YouTube]

At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Edith Wairimu quickly shot into the limelight due to her golden voice that calmed down nervous Kenyans with amazing gospel tunes.

Soon after, she became a musical sensation especially for those who love Kikuyu worship songs. Edith did beautiful covers of the songs that many who are versed with the Gikuyu language grew up singing in church or, at least, heard their parents sing.

What many did not know is that prior to her hit on social media, she had tried music and recorded several songs which never picked up. When Edith did “Aya Mahana” by Annastacia Karanja, everyone knew that she was the next worship powerhouse in the country.

It was this song that gave her a step forward into her music career.

In the last quarter of 2020, she released her biggest song ‘Wi Ngai wa Ngai Ciothe’ which became an instant sensation.

She says that the song is a testament to how God has been in control of her life. She wrote it after a brush with death courtesy of depression which saw her bedridden for three months.

Edith while speaking to ‘Reke Ciume ne Ene’ YouTube show by Ala C, recounted losing an opportunity for a new job which she thought she would have and kept hoping for it for four months.

After four rounds of rigorous interview, she was elbowed out. This sunk her to depression which nearly killed her.

It is after this that she started the PCEA Mutuini choir which shot her to stardom at a time Kenyans were going through hard times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“My journey to singing started with a journey through depression in 2018,” she says. “This is where God sent me the gift of music as my rescuer the angel of music. God sparked off a reason for me to get back to music.”

Before 2018, Edith had recorded several songs but she gave up after their slow picking into the market. One of her sponsors also walked away because the songs could not give him any returns as expected.

Edith has a background in Accounting and IT. She pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and IT at Maseno University but still felt that music was her first love which she did.

Born in a humble family in Gikambura, Kikuyu constituency, Edith was raised by a single mum. Life was unbearable for her and her mother who struggled to see her through.

Luckily, Nairobi Baptist Church come through for her and sponsored her high school at Mary Leakey Girls’ in Kabete after struggling with school fees and being sent home.

She is grateful that she came through it all but urges people to seek help because depression is a killer.