Ella breaks up with Jowie less than a year after hooking up

Jowie with Ella. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie is no longer with his model girlfriend Eleanor Musangi alias Ella less than a year since they hooked up.

Jowie who shot into the limelight over the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani at her Kilimani home would hook up with Ella after his release from Kamiti Maximum Prison.

He had been remanded with no option for bail for more than a year.

When he was released, he produced gospel song and this is when he brought Ella to the public eye as his girlfriend.

However, Ella in a recent chat with blogger Edgar Obare said that the relationship has since ended.

Ella said that her relationship with Jowie ended in December. She noted that since his release from jail, Jowie had changed a lot and she felt she should not be part of him any longer.

Speaking of their alleged marriage, Ella said that they deceived the public of being married so as to protect Jowie for legal reasons.

Part of the lie was to enable the once high-flying security man to live in Nairobi after his release from prison. Otherwise, he would have gone to live with his parents in Nakuru as he was out of options.

“For legal reasons, I stated that so he could be allowed to live in Nairobi as the police on his case have to be aware of where or who he’s with. I truly helped Jowie with a clean heart out of the compassion for the broken state I found him in,” she explained.

Another reason why Ella broke up with Jowie was because she felt that her relationship with him would cost her international modelling career.

Nonetheless, Ella says she is happy that she helped Jowie settle in at a time he had nothing or no one to turn back to.