Embakasi West MP in trouble after blaming residents for poor roads

Embakasi West MP George Theuri. []

Flamboyant Embakasi West MP George Theuri has yet again stirred waters among his electorate after accusing them of being the biggest contributors in damaging roads.

The MP in a Facebook post questioned why his constituents always complain about the dilapidated state of roads while it is they, who largely contribute to the poor state of their roads.

“We are quick to conclude how our roads are in deplorable conditions but do we take time and think we are the main cause of this problem. Until when we shall change our ways, we have a long way to go…change starts with you and me,” he wrote.

Besides the written post, he went ahead to share photos of women doing laundry outside their houses  where they later pour the water on the road . This was a justification of his post.

However, his sentiments did not sit very well with his constituents who took no time to lash out at him.

“It’s the responsibility of the landlord to make drainage in the plot. It’s your responsibility to make drainage on the road. Moi Drive is a mess and it’s not because of water from the clothes. We can tolerate bad roads inside estates but not on the main road,” Fredrick Insinuard stated.

Boniface Kiruthu asked if the gaping potholes are as a result of laundry water being poured on the road.

“So all the big pot holes we have in all the roads are caused by this?…someone is sleeping on his/her job.”