Embu prison officer forced to eat prisoners’ food after conmen took loan with payslip

Embu Prison
Embu Prison. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joseph Mumo, a prison officer, based at the Embu main prison, has cried for help for living in squalor despite being a salaried civil servant.

Mumo recently told a local station that he no longer receives his salary, yet he works daily.

He says con artists forged his documents and applied for a Ksh1 million loan at Unaitas Sacco, which is deducted every month.
Mumo has been feeding on the prisoner’s diet because he cannot afford to buy food.

“Four men forged my documents later borrowing a loan through my account. I no longer receive my salary as the money is being recovered from the pay slip.” Mumo explained.

Besides having prisoners’ food, he has been battling depression since now taking a toll on him.

He added that he has also been denied a promotion at work and does not receive an allowance for differently-abled people as it should be.

Mumo has a degree in criminology and a diploma in intelligence and forensic management

Chief warder at the Embu Prisons Henry Ochieng denied Mumo’s claims saying that no officer is allowed to eat prisoners’ food.
He faulted Mumo for failing to alert his seniors on the issue to allow for an investigation to be conducted.

“No officer whether in trouble or not is allowed to eat prisoner’s food and nowadays we do not have access to officers pay slips therefore can’t justify the information.” Mr. Ochieng stated.

Mumo, according to the prison system, is allowed to get assistance through a special welfare setup.