End to Ebola as Kenyan scientists discover new vaccine

A group of Kenyan researchers from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) has come up with two vaccines that could finally cure the deadly Ebola virus.

The two vaccines are currently being tested for side effects on human beings according to the Standard.

This pronouncement comes just days after a fresh Ebola outbreak was announced in DRC Congo.

The study was conducted in Kericho and Kombewa in Kisumu counties.  The safety of the vaccines for two Ebola virus strains is now being evaluated.

Dr. Josephat Kosgei, the study’s associate investigator said researchers who worked on the project are currently testing the vaccine to ascertain its safety.

“We want to investigate how the body’s immune system responds to the study vaccines,” Dr. Kosgei told reporters during a visit to the study site in Kericho on Friday as further quoted by the Standard.

The study which was sponsored by Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B V-a company associated with Johnson & Johnson, is now in its second phase of vaccine trial which started in March last year.

About 1222 participants who received the two vaccinations are being followed up by the researchers to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“We have done six months visits. We are waiting for the last visit at one year, which will be six months from now, then data analysis will be done,” said Kosgei.

Every clinical evaluation of the 122 participants involves a medical history and physical examination.

Kemri director at the Kericho site, Dr. Fredrick Sawe, said the study was a breakthrough in the search for an Ebola vaccine.

Dr. Sawe optimistically noted that a cure for Ebola will finally be found.

“For you to know that the Ebola vaccine is working you need to give it to a community that has Ebola,” stated Dr. Sawe.