August 24, 2019

Ex-Senator branded ‘Senator Condom’ for sponsoring Sex Bill

Ex-nominated Wiper Senator Judith Sijeny .[]

Ex-nominated Wiper Senator Judith Sijeny has recounted how a Sex Bill she sponsored in the Senate earned her the title “Senator Condom”.

Sijeny had sponsored the Reproductive Health Care Bill in the Senate in 2014 where she proposed that children of 10-years and above be given condoms as part of sex education.

However, the bill turned the tables against her and she was greatly lashed out at by the media, churches Education Ministry, teachers’ unions and parents who felt she was promoting immorality.

The climax of it was the “Senator Condom” title.

“I did not feel safe. When people turn the society against you, that is a threat to your life,” she said according to the Star.

“I have been called all sorts of names and was accused of promoting condoms for 10 year olds,” she added.

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She spoke at a symposium organized by the Kenya Medical Women’s Association in Nairobi on Friday.

Her proposal rooted for contraceptives to school-going children without requiring the approval of parents.

She said her line of thinking was informed by a research showing the age of first sex is as low as 10 years in Kenya.

From the backlash, she had to engage parents, churches and ministry officials to explain she was in no way promoting immorality.

“It is only after meeting them that I felt safe. But I was not cowed. I stood strong and firm because I knew I was doing the right thing,” noted the ex-nominated Senator now a practicing lawyer in Nairobi.

Ultimately, her bill was not passed by the Senate. Some of its sections though, were incorporated into the Health Act.