Ezekiel Mutua spells tough conditions for the resumption of Wife Material show

Mutua KFCB
Ezekiel Mutua KFCB with Eric Omondi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Comedian Eric Omondi will only proceed with his second season of Wife Material show when an ongoing case pitting him against Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is heard and determined.

This follows a meeting between Omondi and a delegation led by comedian Jalang’o who met KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Monday.

A special committee made up of KFCB officials and other entertainers among them Nonini was also constituted.

“The program in contention dubbed Wife Material 2 is hereby suspended forthwith until the case is heard and determined by this self-regulated committee to which Eric and ourselves have agreed,” Mutua stated. 

He asked Omondi and his production crew to confine themselves to the law and avoid explicit content.

They must also apply for a filming license and present the content to the board for examination before it is released to online platforms.

”Going forward, the producers of the program shall fully comply with the law and no further explicit content shall be aired on Eric Omondi’s online platforms.”

”If the producers of the said Wife Material wish to continue with the program, they shall apply for a filming license and after production, shall submit to the board the content for examination and classification,” Mutua noted.

Omondi said that he agrees with KFCB’s stand on dirty content. He promised to keep explicit content in the form of obscenity in Wife Material season two.

The comedian is currently out on Ksh50,000 cash bail after he was arrested last week for producing and distributing explicit content.

All participants of the show, some who were from Tanzania and Uganda flew back home save for Nadiator, a Ugandan participant who is still with Omondi.

On Sunday, Omondi said that Nadiator chose to stay in Kenya when all other participants returned home.