Family drama takes a toll on woman who confessed to infecting multiple men with HIV

Kiki wa Ngendo
Kiki wa Ngendo. [Photo: Courtesy]

In September 2020, Jackeline Njoki Mwangi alias Kiki wa Ngendo shocked Kenyans after confessing to infecting multiple men with HIV.

Kiki in an exclusive interview with Tuko’s Lynn Ngugi said that she punished the men for not using protection.

For her, it was payback time as she was infected by someone who did so knowingly.

“At the end of the day, I cannot be your keeper. You know you do not know me, I am not related to you yet you want to have sex with me, why don’t you wear a c* or take a test with me if I’m comfortable and if I am not, ask me to wear a C*?” she said.

Kiki wa Ngendo. [Photo: Courtesy]

Fast forward to 2021, Kiki’s life is nothing short of family drama that has seen her locked up in a mental institution forcefully and taken to a rehabilitation centre against her will.

On Friday, Ngugi shared Kiki’s predicaments since September 2020.

In a long post on Facebook, she detailed that Kiki has been a subject of family manipulation and known not who can help her.

Sometime back, Ngugi narrated, Kiki was committed that the Mathare Hospital where she stayed for one week.

It was against her wish but she did not have much of a choice as her sister used her connections with police officers to take her to the mental institution.

When she got out, she went upcountry to rest and everything seemed to have been working out with her family until her return to Nairobi.

“All along she left her Salon and barber business under the management of her sister Sarah and the family seemed to be doing ok and trying to mend the broken pieces and we were all happy they were forgiving each other.

“All along I had been keeping tab on her, she came back from Ushago and she seemed to be doing very well. Her mother had even bought her an Uber car on Hire Purchase where she paid some money and Kiki was to pay the rest pole pole,” Ngugi recalled.

On June 1, Kiki sent Ngugi a distress message and informed her that her sister Sarah had been stealing from her business and she now wants it back.

“Now, Kiki distress call to me came on 1st June, she first texted me on WhatsApp and said she wanted to meet me urgently. She said she had discovered her sister was stealing 10K from her business every week and she wanted her to give her the business back.

“However, on 2nd June (Wednesday), Kiki made numerous calls to me. I was filming and could not pick so I called her after an hour, she was screaming and crying, saying her sister Sara had shown up to her house with 2 plain-clothed police officers who found her half-naked in her house and demanded she dresses up real fast and accompany them.

“She said they had even taken her phone but the neighbors and the people who witnessed the drama demanded they give her the phone back,” she went on.

After this, she was forcefully driven to Wonder Peace Rehabilitation Center in Ruiru where she was committed.

However, it has raised questions because the rehab centre has not reconciled Kiki’s medical records to ascertain whether or not she is mentally sick.

The rehab owned up to not following due diligence but justified that they admitted Kiki because a family member made the call.