Family of 22-year-old woman who died in Doha seeking answers on cause of death

Wahito Kingori
Jane Wahito Kingori. [Photo: Courtesy]

When Jane Wahito Kingori left Kenya for Doha in Qatar in January 2020, her family did not expect her to come back home in a casket aboard a cargo flight.

Unfortunately, this was the case. Her family received their daughter’s body on Saturday at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Her mother was taking care of Wahito’s only kid who she left aged six months.

The family says they are yet to understand what happened to their daughter who was in good health condition last when they talked.

“She did not tell anything on whether she had a problem or such. She was okey and was chatting with her friends online,” Phyllis Nyambura, Wahito’s aunt recalls the last time she talked to her niece.

They were shocked to see people mourning her death on Facebook a few days later.

“We could not believe it that people were typing rest in peace. We then confirmed the following day that she passed away,” she adds.

Wahito who hails from Kajiado urged the government to secure the safety of Kenyans working in Gulf countries.

John Mungai said a lack of intervention by the Kenyan government is to blame for the deaths reported in Gulf countries.

Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje urged Kenyans working abroad to register with respective Kenyan embassies in those countries.

Just recently, a man opened up on how his estranged wife came back in a coffin from Saudi Arabia.

Bernard Njenga had disagreed with his wife on her bid to move to Saudi Arabia to a point they separated.

She flew out of the country without his knowledge only to return in a casket.