Father of 7-year-old boy filmed driving Prado could lose his driving license

Ayub Muigai driving a Prado TX
Ayub Muigai driving a Prado TX.[Photo: Courtesy]

Ayub Kinyanjui, the father of seven-year-old Muigai Ayub who was filmed driving a Toyota Prado on a public road recently was on Monday arrested.

Police from Kirwara Police Station arrested him in Gatanga, Murang’a County. They had been flanked by officers drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

He will be charged with allowing a person who does not hold a valid driving license to drive his car.

On Saturday, young Muigai’s video went viral courtesy of Raphael Njoroge. He was thrilled by the young boy driving the vehicle.

He went ahead to ask the boy to prove to him that he can drive which he did before stating that he will soon film the boy driving on Thika Superhighway.

“Meet the youngest Driver in the world……I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing this boy at Delview on your way to Kandara…Muigai Ayub is said to even drive himself to school … Am doing his feature this coming week driving in super Highway. Your take,” he captioned the video.

It drew a sharp debate most parents condemning the act saying it was a risky affair and the parents should have waited until he is 18 years.

Lawyer Wahome Thuku was one of the legal minds who had predicted that Kinyanjui would ruffle feathers with the law following the viral video.

“IT’S a “huge” traffic offence to drive a car on a public road without a DL. It’s even a bigger offence to allow someone drive your car on a public road without a DL,” he said.

“Such a parent should be answering charges in court already. In fact, in the case of a PSV, even allowing unlicensed person to have the custody of the vehicle is an offence,” Thuku said.

After Kinyanjui’s arrest, he warned that the consequences could be more the Ksh20,000 fine; he could lose his driving license by law.

“Now a traffic fine can be as little as 20k. But in a number of cases, the law gives the court power to cancel your DL. We only need to put you in social media bragging about your impunity and arrogance na ka DL kanaenda.”