January 17, 2019

Fears as fake Trust condoms flood the market

Trust Condoms.[www.nairobinews.nation.co,ke]

Population Services Kenya (PSK), the official distributor of Trust brand condoms has raised a red flag on the likelihood of fake condoms in the market selling under its brand name.

PS Kenya in its three-day advert on local dailies has asked Trust condom users to look out for Trust Studded condoms-one of its products.

The company wants its customers to look out for certain marks on the packet to verify the authenticity of the Trust Studded Condom.

According to the advert, Trust Studded customers should look out for a triple tested icon on the bottom left side and white stripe pack content.

On the pack, the name “Studded” should appear in bold letters at the centre of the pack.

Further, directed the advert, the pack should only contain PS Kenya contact details.

In a statement on Monday, the PS Kenya said it will work with the counterfeit agency in investigating the matter.

With reports of the presence of fake condoms in the market, the threat of rise in sexually transmitted infections cannot be wished away.

Condoms have over the years been used as a method of birth control as well as a protective mechanism against STIs and HIV/AIDS.

Fake condoms are often manufactured using substandard materials that tear and rupture easily during intercourse.



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