Finally Lowell gets Authentic African Cuisine by the renown chef Ricky Ahamed (FoodsbyRicky)

Not too long ago I was talking to my friends about Ricky (FoodsbyRicky) at a gathering where I was invited as a photographer.

‘’These bhajias taste like those made by Ricky’’ I said. Not to my surprise, but I was right!

There’s a huge difference between food and food-(byricky)!

I remember roaming the stadium in Las Vegas during one of the Rugby sevens tournament and without a clue, I looked at a chicken roast put together with some spinach, a sausage and a samosa on the side and I told my friends from Michigan how sure I was that Ricky was in town. I went on Facebook and turned on ‘’nearby friends’’ and the top of the list was Foodsbyricky Ahamed less than a mile away! The best feeling after a long day cheering our team. The closer we got to those food tents, the sweeter the smell of that chicken got!

That’s just my experience, but I’d love for you to prove me right on October 1st when Ricky opens his new kitchen at Vstar restaurant for authentic African cuisine.

Address of the place is 602 Merrimack street Lowell MA

Ricky can be reached at 978-455-1101