Fired as a banker, flew to Colombia to teach English now a millionaire

Fredrick Marwa. [Photo: Courtesy]

When Fredrick Marwa was 24, he set out on his life’s passion traveling the world.

For the last five years, he has done so for the last five years and shares every bit of the journey with his fans via his YouTube channel.

Marwa, so far, has visited 36 counties, most of them in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia.

Mara graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in 2016 when he decided to take up a job in Colombia as an English teacher.

He did not think twice. It was a rare opportunity, and had since lost a banking job.

He flew to Colombia and took up the job. But, he decided to share the beauty of the land with his friends back in Kenya and created YouTube channel.

Marwa had not planned to make money from YouTube. He only wanted to share a few things about Colombia, including its culture.

“When I started YouTube, I didn’t know I would get paid. I was just making the videos to show my boys back home, the life I was living in Colombia. At the time, my friends used to ask me so many questions about Colombia,” he recalls.

The Kenyan backpacker was surprised when he was asked if he would like to make money from YouTube.

“Funny thing, when I started my YouTube channel, I was asked if I wanted to get paid as I created content. At the time, one didn’t have to get targets to get paid,” he stated.

Fast forward, he has achieved a lot over the last five years. His YouTube channel boasts 88 million views cumulatively and 271,000 subscribers.

The pay he got initially was not much, but it increased over time, and he has since achieved so much.

“At first, I wasn’t making so much money, but it increased over time. One day I made 60 dollars, that is when I realised that this would be something,” Marwa discloses adding that he managed to put up a multi-million mansion for his parents.

He is currently constructing a glasshouse – with a helipad on it – and hope to complete it as a dream home.

So far, it has gobbled up Ksh10 million.

He says that dreams come true with the right attitude. He urges the youth to follow their dreams.

“I met my dream through content creation. I strongly believe in it like it’s my cross. You can make it by believing in yourself and manifesting and in your dreams.”