Forgive me! It was all a joke you took too serious – Omosh


Peter Kamau alias Omosh of former TV Show Tahidi High has apologized for the sentiments he made last week.

Omosh in a minute-long clip, sought to set the records straight with Kenyans barely 24 hours after he appealed for their help for the second time.

Angry Kenyans questioned why he asked for financial help a second time in four months after well-wishers fundraised for him to get his life on track.

Omosh audaciously said that he did not force anyone to help out; everyone who did it voluntarily.

He added that he had many debts to settle, which is what he did with the money that “was less than a million shillings”.

He also said that most of those who pledged did not meet their end of the bargain.

Speaking to Hiram Kamuhunjia on Tuesday on his YouTube channel, Omosh apologized for his utterances.

He said that it was a joke when he asked Kenyans to come through for him once more.

“It was on a lighter note. You have seen my interviews, I’m a joker, you know I am an actor, an entertainer – sort of a TV comedian, I can say something to make you laugh, and you guys are like what? Forgive me, I know I have hurt many people,” stated the Thespian.

Omosh opened up on how people were baiting him after he went public in February about his predicament.

He said that he had been invited to the event where he is paid appearance fees, but those asking him ended up baiting him with alcohol.

“There is this one I went, well dressed in a suit, I don’t know how I found myself but the last minute I found myself drinking and I do not even know how I got home. I was so embarrassed because my children got to see that,” he said.

A video of him staggering and very drunk emerged on social media.

But he says that he gave up drinking and is ready to go to rehab.

Now, he wants a good camera, lighting, and sound equipment to start his life afresh and carry on with his dream as an actor.