Former Kenyan radio host vying for elective seat in Germany’s September elections

Terry Atieno
Terry Atieno in Germany. [Photo: Courtesy]

A Kenyan media personality who relocated to Germany Terry Atieno is seeking an elective seat in soon-to-be held German elections.

Atieno, popularly known as Proud Chocolate Nyang’iya worked for Radio Ramogi owned by Royal Media Services.

She will throw her hat in the oncoming September elections. Atieno will vie for running for a seat in her town assembly in Buxtehude Stade District in Hamburg, Germany.

“I’m going to face it all. Hate and support, but I am ready for it all,” she wrote on Instagram, noting that she is the chosen one.

“I am trying it out. Whether I fail or pass, I’ll still be on the books as one of the black immigrants who tried a hand in leadership out here in the western world,” she said.

Atieno has lived abroad for 17 years. She says that she has taken time to analyze and see where the system is failing.

This is what informed her candidature.

“With 17 years of living abroad, I know too well where the shoes hurt when it comes to the diaspora plights and cries. I am seeing an opportunity for growth even for myself both in leadership and education. I want to study governance and politics,” she told Word Is.

Before her departure to Germany, she worked with the national broadcaster, the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) as an intern. She majored in TV and Radio Production.

Besides being on the radio, she was also an actor featuring in the Vioja Mahakamani show.

She then left for KTN, and her last stint was at Radio Ramogi.

When she landed in Germany, she worked with Radio Germany but quit to start her station to promote Luo music.