Former Nairobi hawker searching for stranger who helped her move to Germany

Leah Mugure in Germany
Leah Mugure in Germany. [Photo: Rono Chonginio]

Sometime in 2006, Leah Mugure Mburu was a typical hawker in the streets of Nairobi.

She was selling socks at the time. Mugure thought she was doomed to live off selling socks, but a stranger changed her life.

Recently, she narrated that she met a young man named Brian who had just returned from India.

Brian conversed with Mugure, and she poured out her life’s struggles. Brian linked her up to an exchange program in Germany and even paid for it.

He was planning on opening a law firm in Nairobi.

Fifteen years later, she has never met Brian because she lost contact when she moved to Germany.

She is looking for him.

“He was bald and dark, a Luo, and must have been in his early thirties,” Mugure told Rono Chonginio, a Kenyan-based journalist.

Through Brian’s help, Mugure attended German classes. He paid for them besides handling her immigration paperwork.

She did not have a mobile phone then and no social media to keep in contact. But she hasn’t forgotten her first meeting along Tom Mboya, where all the magic happened.

Mugure is happily married and has kids, but she wants to meet the kind-hearted Brian who helped shape her life to what it is today.

“I want Brian and the world to witness the marvellous work God has done in my life,” she said, adding she runs a successful catering company in Germany.