Former Treasury accountant loses 9 pieces of land, 5 cars, 4 apartments to State

National Treasury
National Treasury. [Photo: Treasury]

A former accountant working at the National Treasury, Patrick Ochieno has lost multi-million-shilling property to the government.

Justice Mumbi Ngugi of the High Court ordered the State to seize four of his apartments in Nairobi, nine parcels of land, five luxurious cars, and a residential home.

Further, the government will also seize millions stashed in his bank accounts.

Among those listed as his accomplices in the case and accused of benefiting from the tenders were his firm’s associates, wife, and children.

Justice Ngugi said Ochieno could not explain how he acquired his wealth.

“I have considered the averments and submissions of the applicants, and I find that they have not demonstrated that they will suffer substantial losses if the orders sought are not granted.

“I am constrained to find that the assets, the subject of this, are unexplained assets,” the judge ruled.

Ochieno worked as the chief accountant at the National Treasury, formerly the Ministry of Finance.

In a probe conducted by different agencies, the accountant is accused of receiving a portion of the Ksh70 billion tenders in the Anglo-Leasing scandal.

He worked at the Treasury between 2003 and 2007 before being transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The court ruled that the accused and his associates failed to convince the court to suspend the government from seizing the estate.

In its submissions in court, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) said Ochieno acquired the property illegally.

The agency said Ochieno’s salary was not equivalent to his assets. Court papers detailed that he was on a monthly salary of Ksh54,000, yet he was valued at Ksh80 million in 2008.

In his defense, he told the court that he purchased all his property from his salary and allowances aided by a government scheme.

Ochieno argued that he purchased the apartments and lands between 1999 and 2000 from his salary and allowances and purchased his houses on a government scheme.

He had also invested in the hospitality sector in which he said was through funding from banks.