Fugitive cop Caroline Kangogo issues one demand for her surrender

Fugitive killer cop Corporal Caroline Kangogo has issued one condition for her surrender.

A source privy to investigations revealed that Caroline reached out to the special squad formed to gunt her down and made her demand.

She said that she would only surrender on the condition that she is not remanded in any police station across the country for fear of her life.

Her whereabouts remain unknown even as she reaches out to the police.

Her demand brings to the fore details of her involvement with a rogue police syndicate in the Rift Valley that she was part of.

Detectives have found out the syndicate comprising some rogue police officers from Nakuru, Eldoret, Litein and Kerich have been behind a spate of robberies and killings.

They also offer protection to politicians and tycoons.

It also emerged that the syndicate may have ordered the murder of Constable John Ongweno and security expert Peter Ndwiga.

The fugitive cop is reported meeting the two victims at a Nakuru club a day before Ongweno’s murders and Ndwiga’s two days later.
On Monday, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) CEO Mercy Wambua hired veteran lawyer Joe Khaminwa to represent her.

LSK sought Khaminwa’s legal services in anticipation of her surrender.

Khaminwa on Tuesday said that he let out an appeal asking Caroline to surrender her weapon in any of his law firm’s branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, or Malindi.

The Senior Counsel said the weapon would be forwarded to relevant authorities for processing even as she remains free.

Khaminwa urged Caroline to surrender and turn herself in, adding that he will ensure she remains free through all legal avenues.

The veteran lawyer maintained that he has never met Caroline.

“I don’t know her personally. I have never met her. Maybe she is familiar with me and we may have interacted in the court’s precinct as I represented my clients,” Khaminwa stated.