Gambian woman, 31, appeals for help to search for her Kenyan mother

Fanta Jallow
Fanta Jallow, a Gambian woman tracing her mother in Kenya. [Courtesy]

A Gambian woman has made a passionate appeal to help locate her mother who she says is from Kenya.

The woman, Fanta Jallow currently resides in the Gambia and is now 31 years old.

She says that her relatives in The Gambia have told her that her mother resides in Kenya.

Jallow narrates that she has been told of the Coastal region in Kenya which is where he mother hails from.

“I strongly feel that my mother is somewhere, only that I have not been able to meet with her for the past 31 years. I believe that I will soon find her,” she told Nation.

Going by details share by her relatives, her mother’s name is “Maria Suware”.

But how did all this happen? Jallow says that her father, Pateh Jallow who is Gambian was working in Germany in the 1980s where he met Maria and fell in love.

They would later fall in love and get hitched in 1988 still in Ellingen, a small town in Germany before permanently relocating to The Gambia.

A year later, she was born but never saw her mother because her relatives say she returned to Kenya while she was still very young.

“During that time, my father moved to the United States of America and the only person I could recognise who was close to me was my grandmother,” she adds.

The reason as to why her parents separated and went separate ways leaving her under the care of her paternal grandmother is still unknown.

The thought of growing up without her mother, she says, has weighed her down over the years and she is now appealing for help to see her.

For Jallow, she says she would rather love without riches but see her mother daily.

Her father has been non-committal about her mother’s whereabouts. Mr Jallow is now married and has a second family in the US where he is still based but Jallow lives in The Gambia.

Her appeal Maria, her mother is “wherever you are, just know that I hold you close to my heart. We may not have had a chance to bond and know each other but I recognise you as a very important person in my life. You brought me to the world and I will forever be grateful. I miss you and really want to meet you some day.”