George Wachiuri:How to overcome a season of crisis

George Wachiuri, CEO, Optiven Group LTD

A wise man once said that there is a season for everything under the sun – even when we can’t see the sun. Seasons are part of life just like day and night or winter and summer. Seasons of crisis, for instance the current Covid-19 pandemic, come to necessitate change. Crises are not permanent but the question is:

How do we overcome such a season of crisis? Here are 7 tips: 
*1. Seasons guarantee  change:* A crisis can build brand new markets, remove the old and welcome the new and change the way of doing things. The change  could be new innovations, bigger businesses, change of cultures, believes or behaviour change. 

*2. Crisis gives hope for tomorrow:* When it is too dark, light is soon on its way. When you are jobless, you hope for a  job soon. When temporary out of cash, you hope for hay days.

*3. Nothing remain the same:* Seasons come and go. Corona hit China and now China is almost certainly back on track. Seasons are very temporary. For those currently earning a percentage of their salary or no salary at all in different organisations, this is a situation that will not remain the same.

*4. A Season of crisis  gives incentives to plan for the  future:*  The crisis phase come and go and we must plan for the next phase. The future is more promising  than the present.

*5. A Crisis Season is Transient:* The beauty about it is that days and weeks are moving. Soon, the crisis season will be over. We should not panic too quickly. We need to stand still, think and innovate.
*6. Never respond permanently to a temporarily problem:* Suicide, for example, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We can do better than committing suicide, giving up, or doing something that we might regret soon after the tough days are gone.

*7. Keep a positive eye on opportunities brought  by a crisis:* See the opportunities created during a crisis and seize them if you can. Look at the bigger picture and position yourself approximately.

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.
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