German army shipment with 6 million face masks mysteriously vanishes in Kenya

Coronavirus in Germany. [Photo courtesy]

The Ministry of Defense In Berlin now claims that a German army shipment of six million face masks meant for protection against coronavirus disappeared in Kenya.

According to Reuters, a spokesperson from Germany’s Defense Ministry stated that “We are trying to find out what happened” to the massive order of protective equipment meeting the FFP2 standard for protection against particles and aerosols.”

Earlier, Der Spiegel asserted that the consignment was reported missing from a Kenyan airport towards the end of last week.

The spokesperson, a lady, could not, however, clearly explain why the shipment was being transported to Germany via Kenya.

In the wake of coronavirus which has infected hundreds of Germans, the German army’s procurement department has been providing logistical support and supplies to the health sector though dogged by shortages and frequent breakdowns.

In response, the Kenya Airports Authority was quick to dismiss the report, saying that “following media reports that a German army shipment of 6 million masks meant for protection against COVID-19 virus vanished at JKIA last week, KAA has conducted an investigation into the matter” KAA said in a tweet.

The statement further stated that the “investigation has concluded that there was no cargo of this nature that has passed through JKIA for the last two weeks and no missing cargo has been reported to the authorities”.

The report which was widely published by the international media including Reuters, The New York Times, USNews and more, sent a bad image of the country at a time that Kenya needs humanitarian aid to help contain the spread Coronavirus and provide treatment to the affected.

Editor’s note:

This article was updated to include the response by the Kenya Airports Authority