German investor loses Ksh5.4 million to 24-year-old Kenyan fiancée in Malindi


Reiner Kreplin, a 66-year-old German investor in Malindi, Kenya has expressed fears about his life after his 24-year-old Kenyan girlfriend made away with Ksh5.4 million.

Kreplin says that they were together in his villa at the prestigious Harbour Key Cottages. He says that he has been receiving threat messages from the Kenyan fiancée and is now running for his life.

The German national said that he had been forced to run from one town to another over fear that she is following him together with her gang.

He told the press that he bought the first villa and returned to Germany where he looked for more money and came back to purchase a second villa.

They were to co-own it with the Kenyan woman. Besides buying a villa, Kreplin was ti embark on an ambitious irrigation project in Ganze, Kilifi County which is hard hit by drought every year.

He was to also set up a recycling plant at the coast.

Kreplin reported the matter to police in Malindi but the woman has been missing since then.

“I reported the matter to Malindi police station after she went missing. I went with the police to my cottage only to find the suitcase broken and Sh5.4 million in foreign currency missing,’’ he said.

He says that police promised to go after the women but nothing much has been done to bring her to book except a barrage of threat messages.

Police in a rejoinder through Malindi deputy subcounty commander Simon Muli said that they are on top of things and are in hot pursuit of the woman now facing criminal charges.

Speaking in his office, Kemboi said he would follow up the matter but advised Kreplin to report to any police station for the DCI to begin investigations.

The German investor met is fiancée in 2019 while in Kilifi after jetting in from Ethiopia. She was working as a waiter at the Amada Resort.

In April 2019, they travelled to Malindi where he bought a villa from an Italian national and later moved in with the woman in October. They had been living together until recently when he returned to the house from a coffee walk and found all the money gone.