German investor whose Ksh5.4 million was stolen by Kenyan fiancée flees to Tanzania

Reiner Kreplin with his Kenyan fiancee Mercy Adhiambo. [Photo: k24]

German national Reiner Kreplin who had invested heavily at the coast has run off to Tanzania fearing for his life after his Kenyan fiancée threatened him and stole Ksh5.4 million.

Kreplin, 66, says that police have failed to arrest the suspect, Mercy Adhiambo and as long as she is free his life is in danger.

The German investor said she will only return to Kenya once Adhiambo is apprehended.

“I am currently out of Kenya in one of the East African countries for my safety because of the threats I was receiving from anonymous people who were always detecting my location,’’ he told K24 when contacted.

Before he took off to Tanzania, Kreplin had been moving from one town to another saying Adhiambo was following him.

He has accused police of failing to act swiftly and downplaying his case.

He told the press a few weeks ago that he bought the first villa in Malindi while still with Adhiambo. He even made plans to purchase a second villa when his fiancée stole the money.

They were to co-own it with her. Besides buying a villa, Kreplin was to embark on an ambitious irrigation project in Ganze, Kilifi County which is hard hit by drought every year.

He was to also set up a recycling plant at the coast.

Kreplin reported the matter to police in Malindi but the woman has been missing since then.

Kreplin met Adhiambo in 2019 while in Kilifi after jetting in from Ethiopia. She was working as a waiter at the Amada Resort.

In April 2019, they travelled to Malindi where he bought a villa from an Italian national and later moved in with the woman in October.

They had been living together until recently when he returned to the house from a coffee walk and found all the money gone.