Githurai university student found at City Mortuary was lured to a date

Christine Ambani. [Photo: Courtesy]

Christine Ambani, a Kiriri Women’s University student, left campus on Monday, July 12, and that was the last time she was seen.

Days later, it emerged that she was kidnapped, and Ksh87,000 her kidnappers were demanding ransom.

Police reports indicate that she left for a date, which was the last time her friends saw her.

A friend reached out to her, and she said she was on her way back to Mwihoko. Then, she went dead silent.

Her badly mutilated body was found at the City Mortuary.

Her sister Ruth Ambani said a red flag was raised following her sister missing an exam. It was unusual for her.

“I had talked to her on Sundays she missed an exam and it was a big thing. I went to where she lived in Githurai but she was not there,” she recalls.

Her sister was killed before the kidnappers demanded ransom.

Ruth had sent Ksh5,000 to calm them down and asked for proof of life, to which they sent a photo.

But, one of the kidnappers told her to visit the City mortuary, saying they no longer want her money.

“I sent 5,000 to sow my commitment to sending the rest of the ransom and for them to sent proof of life. The following day he told me to go to the mortuary as they did not want our money anymore.”

At the mortuary, they couldn’t believe how badly she was mutilated. She had a slit throat.