Gospel artiste Holy Dave’s culinary skills during lockdown birth business venture

David Muthengi alias Holy Dave
David Muthengi alias Holy Dave. [Photo/Holy Dave]

When it became apparent that COVID-19 was already in Kenya, houses turned out to be a haven for many people.

Staying at home became the new norm that many people are now accustomed to but it came with its fair share of challenges; boredom and idleness topping the list. But this is what has propelled gospel artiste David Muthengi alias Holy Dave in his new business venture.

He started preparing different meals as a way to pass time but unknown to him, there was a business opportunity for him in this.

Holy Dave would showcase his different meals to his fans on Instagram and some interested individuals and companies reached out to him for a partnership.

David Muthengi alias Holy Dave
David Muthengi alias Holy Dave with his sister Joy Muthengi. [Photo/Holy Dave]

“We already have partners on board, and we are holding a discussion with many others,” he told a local daily.

Having a solid business background as a finance expert, Dave says that he is now exploring a few business ideas while dismissing a cookery TV show which many of his fans have asked him to consider.

“I’m consulting my team to see where to take this because I’m a business mind and I see an opportunity in everything that comes my way. But there are also risks involved and I’m trying to calculate the risks and see if I can probably invest in something,” he said.

So impressive are his meals that it has taken a group of women on social media talking, further earning him praise.

Last week, he was the subject of discussion in a leading radio station where women called in and expressed their awe for the artiste due to his “exceptional culinary skills”.

Just before the pandemic hit Kenya, Dave was a TV host for Sunday’s Kubamba show on Citizen TV.

While leaving the show, he said that he is pursuing other interests.