Government to insure Kenyans travelling abroad in search of jobs

International Departure
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport departure. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenyans travelling abroad for greener pastures will soon be insured in a move geared towards better the welfare of Kenyan citizens abroad.

Godfrey Kiptum, the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) chief executive recently announced that this will tame the rise of human rights violation for Kenyans working abroad.

Kiptum added that a similar model has worked for countries like Ethiopia.

“This is something we’re working on in cooperation with other government bodies,” Kiptum said not divulging more details according to the Nairobian.

The new insurance cover will protect vulnerable Kenyans who have found themselves in the jaws of death while working abroad.

Most of them work in the informal sectors in the Gulf and Middle East countries where human right abuse cases have been rife for years now. Scores of Kenyan workers have been caught in the middle of it all.

IRA now indicates that the new plan will cater for the interest and safeguard the lives of the vulnerable Kenyans working abroad.

In Saudi Arabia alone, there were more than 29,000 Kenyan migrant workers cleared to work as domestic workers.

Jordan, Lebanon, China, the US, UK, Canada, Germany and France are other countries where a majority of Kenyans look for job opportunities.