Government to recover 24 cars, mall, and plots from NYS suspects

Ann Ngirita, 30, one of the suspects in the NYS scandal who pocketed Sh60 million for supplying 'air'. []

Assets worth millions of shillings owned by suspects linked to the National Youth Service Scandal are now new targets by the state as it seeks to recover stolen Sh9 billion.

Among them are two multi-million malls under construction in Nairobi, reportedly belonging to a senior official who has been linked to the scandal.

The government has pronounced itself earmarking assets ranging from cars, plots, freezing of suspects’ bank accounts for recovery.

According to the Standard, a senior NYS official constructing two multi-million malls on Kangundo Road, in Nairobi will lose greatly.

A businessman and his wife who are among those arrested on Monday, have their fleet of about has 20 cars flagged by the State.

The business guru has 20 saloon cars and four luxury four-wheel drive cars.

The process to recover the stolen Sh9 billion saw the Assets and Recovery Agency roped into the case where they identified assets and property owned by the suspects in a bid to acquire freezing orders.

In his defense, the businessman says he had bought the fleet of cars even before the pay from NYS was issued, something an insider disputes.

“Even though he claims he bought these cars long before venturing to NYS, his wealth is suspect. They have been frozen,” said an insider adding, “The move affects a family at large. If a husband has been flagged, his wife is also affected.”

DPP Noordin Haji confirmed that the state will move ahead to recover stolen assets.

“In addition to prosecution, we are looking at recovering the proceeds of crimes as well as establishing the tax status of the companies and individuals in the crimes,” said the DPP as further quoted by the Standard.

“In the meantime, several bank accounts that the funds were channeled through have been frozen. My office is working with DCI and the Assets Recovery Agency in that regard.”

Late last month, bank accounts for 13 firms suspected to have been irregularly paid by NYS were frozen following a court order.