Help needed to locate the next of kin of this lady who passed away in Hamburg Germany in May

A Kenyan lady passed away in Hamburg Germany about a month ago and the state is reportedly yet to identify her next of Kin.

According to a Kenyan community website in Germany, the lady identified as Ms. Wachia Manambo or Jardin Graf had attended a funeral arrangement meeting for a community member who had passed away. On her way out from the meeting, she tripped on the stairs and fell.

Ms. Manambo was rushed to the hospital for treatment where she passed on.

Kenyans in Hamburg have tried to locate the family of Ms. Manambo since May 2017, and the community continues to appeal to the public to help in sharing this message in hopes it will get to her kin.

Anyone with information on how her family may be contacted or who her family is, please notify contacts below.

  • Kenyan Embassy in Berlin – +49 30 259 266 0
  • Reto Wakenya Pamoja, community organisation in Hamburg – +49 152 139 10054