He’s not rich; he lives on loans! Amira exposes husband Jamal Roho Safi

Jimal with his two wives. [Photo: Courtesy]

The drama on city tycoon’s life Jimal alias Jamal Roho Safi is far from over as his first wife; Amira goes for his neck.

Recently, Amira spoke to the ‘Tea Master’ Edgar Obare where she revealed deep secrets about their marriage and other personal things.

Amira, while hitting out at Jamal for taking her through a lot of pain by marrying Amber Ray said that her estranged husband is not even rich.

She claimed that Jamal sustains his flashy lifestyle through ‘loans and people’s debts’.

“He’s not even rich. He lives on loans na madeni ya watu,” she said.

Amira, in her exposé, said she never knew what was going on between Amber Ray and Jamal.

Amber was selling children’s wear at the time, and Jamal asked her to go to her house and pick some clothes for her two boys, not knowing what was happening.

When she confronted him later, Jamal threatened her.

“So when I asked him, he came home and told me nikimfuatilia na mwanamke wake he will kill me. He said he will shoot me (severally),” Amira opened up.

“He said atanitumania watu waniue so I’m dying in my silence.”
A fortnight ago, Amira and Amber engaged in an ugly exchange one evening when Amira and her friends stormed the house.

Amber Ray went live on Instagram filming the whole incident that woke up neighbors.

They could both be heard exchanging bitter words while Jamal watched at a distance before fleeing the scene only to reappear the following day.

Amira, in the past, said that he would never agree with Jamal’s marriage as much as their religion allows him to marry many wives.

She said that Jamal should have told her about it and not going behind her back and marrying Amber Ray.

On the other hand, Amber Ray told Amira to square out her issues with Jamal and not her.

Amber reminded her co-wife that “she belongs to the streets” and will not tolerate anyone messing up with her.