Homeless ex-TPF star David Ogola rescued in Roysambu

David Ogola
Former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) star David Ogola. [Photo: Nairobi News]

David Ogola alias David Major has been living a life of squalor, a complete turnaround and an unprecedented life for a man who once enjoyed the glory of Tusker Project Fame (TPF).

Two days ago, the reality of his impoverished life shocked Kenyans.

Ogola who was a TPF contestant at one time is now a pale shadow of his former self. Then, he was a young man with a vision but he is now vagrant and lives in the streets.

He was rescued at Mirema in Roysambu and his photos that quickly spread on social media did left many wondering “what happened?”

His colleague, Tik Tok star and a former TPF contestant Alvan Gatitu told Nairoi News that it is he together with a group of friends who rescued Ogola and took him to hospital.

“We got a hold of him and first we had to take him to hospital where he is currently and we will only be able to see him later in the day because as protocal dictates, he had to undergo a Covid-19 test before he can he transferred to a rehab,” he said.

Ogola is currently undergoing general medical and psychiatric examination before he is take to rehab, Mr Gatitu added.

He also revealed that Ogola lost touch with his sister four years ago but they were finally able to reunite.

Ogola rocked the screen in TPF season 2 courtesy of Tusker Lager which sponsored the East African singing competition.

With his dreams shattered after failing to win, he proceeded to complete his studies and completely kept off the public eye.

He was almost forgotten until five years ago when he released a new song which was uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Life is said to have gone south for him following his mother’s demise some years ago. Ogola’s mother, Margaret Ogola was doctor and an award-winning author.

She succumbed to cancer in 2011

She is the author behind the famous high school set books The River and The Source. Margaret was also a human rights defender

Now, Mr Gatitu has embarked on rallying Kenyans to fundraise for Ogola to help him get back on his feet once he gets out of rehab.

“We will set up an M-Changa account for because at the moment he has no idea of where his documents are, we would have preferred to get a paybill number which is easier. We will share it with the media and also on social media so that people of goodwill can help him,” he said.

He is the second TPF star this year to have touched the hearts of Kenyans.

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In July this year, Mr.Gatitu came out telling of his desperate situation having been kicked out of his house and spending the night in the cold at a time the country was on lockdown.

In his sad narration that went viral on social media, Mr. Gatitu said that he had pushed his businesses so hard but there was nothing in return.

He was in rent arrears for months and his landlord disconnected his water supply and locked the house.

After his story, Kenyans of goodwill helped him out and he came out once again to thank everyone who helped him stand back on his feet once more.