How abandoned box delayed SGR journey to Mombasa by two hours Sunday

SGR. [Photo courtesy]

An abandoned box on the Madaraka Express train delayed the journey to Mombasa by two hours on Sunday.

The Mombasa-bound SGR train had left Nairobi earlier in the day but it stopped at the Miasenyi Substation for two hours.

Police had been informed of a “strange” box at Meli Kubwa Standard Gauge Railway bridge.

Taking precaution, the ride had to be cut short as SGR officials and the police visited the scene to inspect the contents of the box.

“The scene was visited by the Mombasa SGR terminus police officers together with the Maisenyi police station commander, who established that the box contained assorted jewelry,” a police report according to Nation reads.

The statement added that a conductor left the box at the site for the owner to collect it.

This incident left passengers with a lot of anger as there was no communication by the management on the delay.

Millicent Adhiambo lamented that her children who were on board were hungry and no one was willing tell them what was happening.

“It is chaos here. Worst is that they are not explaining anything. Not even the customer care attendants are saying anything. We demand to know what is going on,” she said.

This is the second time that an SGR ride has been delayed since October 2020 when a similar incident happened.

At the time, the Madaraka Express train was forced to stay grounded that the Ndii Substation in Kanga after a tremor was reported.

Kenya Railways Corporation was in Voi assessing if the tremor reported caused damage to the SGR line in Voi.