How Kenya’s Governors-elect can break the torque

-By George Wachiuri

Congratulations to all the 47 new governors in the Republic of Kenya. You have now fundamentally undertaken to be servants of the people who voted you in with a lot of faith and commitment.

As a governor, you have a choice and a golden opportunity to establish a legacy, to empower your people, to harness local resources for your electorate’s benefit, to manage systems and guard against the ill that constantly bedevils this land, corruption. You have to make these mental commitment starting now.

As an entrepreneur, author, a business mogul and a person who networks with different people across the board and as an active member of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) ,  let me offer you these five winning strategies that will make you the most favorable in your county. If you implement these strategies, you will leave a huge legacy behind.

1. Roll up your sleeves and start working immediately: Create a team that works harmoniously for the people, create a positive energy with most MCAs. This is a great early winning strategy for you as a governor.

2. Hire the Right people: Get people who have the right skills and do not follow the temptations of hiring your relatives or your friends. Hire skills, attitude and committed executives for your team.

3. Have a clear vision for your county: Align your devolved government’s vision with the Country’s vision 2030 and let all in the County follow it. Incorporate vision champions (You can convert your campaign teams that you had into a Vision Champions entity.) This will propel your development pretty fast and people will ultimately appreciate your stewardship.

4. Create a very good database of your electorate and other resources in your county. Have a list of local business people; top professionals; all your people in the Diaspora; all your graduates looking for jobs, etcetera. Create regular networking forums for these pool of people. I guarantee you that the synergy therewith will ignite great ideas that will propel your county’s development. Create a system where these teams can be benchmarking with other countries. You can also fire-up the business people to open up more doors beyond their counties. Further, you can also organise forum to encourage people outside your county to come in their droves to invest in your county. This will be a game-changer in your county.

5. Offer solid leadership to your people. Serve your people selflessly. Spread equality even to those who did not vote for you. Go back to all villages and pass your words of gratitude from village to village, town to town. A leader is a servant. Diligently serve, serve and once more, serve your people.

As a governor, you have a chance to create a new environment, a new county and new ways of doing things. Remember you have only five years to rehire yourself or you will be fired.

Ultimately, the choice is 101% yours. Strive to be a positively distinct governor.


George Wachiuri is an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, a Motivational Speaker and the CEO, Optiven Group

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