How late Juja MP Wakapee married niece after first wife’s death

Susan Waititu
Susan Waititu. [Photo: Courtesy]

Little was known of Susan Waititu the widow of the late Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu alias Wakapee.

Wakapee lost a long battle with brain cancer after he was first diagnosed in 2017.

Following his death, Jubilee Party which had sponsored her husband to Parliament for eight years picked her to run for the by-election.

This is when Susan caught the public eye.

In a recent interview with Switch TV, Susan said revealed intimate details of how they met.

Waititu was her ‘uncle’ because he had married her aunt who was the first wife.

They were both involved in an accident when she died and he survived but nursed injuries.

“How I met him – he had lost his wife and his wife happened to be my aunt. He got an accident and that’s when my aunt passed on,” she narrates.

“So he had these two little children who were left behind and I was so close to my aunt. It’s a story I intend to do a writing on it. He was injured and I used to take care of him and from there I went back to school and we continued talking.

“One thing led to the other and I became his wife,” she explained.

Susan is a counsellor by profession. She has practised for over a decade but was forced to shut down her counselling centre to take care of the late MP.

He was bedridden for six months and she was the primary caregiver.