How Optiven is able to keep its promises to investors.

How Optiven is able to cope with Impediments caused by government and other institutions while processing title deeds

Optiven has been pursuing a vision of economically and socially empowering and transforming the Society.

This has been in earnest for the last 20 years. We thank God for His Grace

Among the focus of the organization is to create 300, 000 homes by the year 2030 and to create 30, 000 jobs by the year 2030.

One among the processes of empowering people to own homes include title deed processing and we have been looking at several strategies on this.

  1. Avoid over-promising on duration of title deeds. For our new projects, we give a duration of 9 months to 24 months. This gives us a breather to work on value additions & transforming the properties. We are pleased that all the projects on offer now have title deeds in Optiven’s name & it’s only about transferring to customers names.

Our current meet-the-customers tour is a favored one as we have title deeds in customers name.

  1. Optiven has a very vibrant department that processes all customers papers including application of consent, requesting for customers pin, helping those who do not have pin to process through KRA , taking the transfer documents to lawyers and linking the customer to valuer as well as ensuring that property duty is paid.

We have a whole array of staff and a fully fledged department competently doing this. We have done this over the many years that we have been in the real estate sector.

  1. Our business’ heritage and long term relationship with government has helped build trust and made our property ownership documents easier & faster.

The Optiven learning curve is at Optimal. This makes the process easy to get ownership documents. 

  1. Optiven sources for funds, buys the land first before selling it to customers. This means that the land belongs to Optiven.

This reduces any conflict from previous owners since they are already paid by Optiven.

  1. Optiven has handled past challenges guaranteeing 100% refunds to investors in case Optiven is in fault and 90% if the customer is in default. This is only in cash paid for land directly to Optiven and not to third parties