How Pastor Kuria alias ‘Man Kush’ is minting millions from breeding German dogs

Paul Kuria
Pastor Paul Kuria (right). [Photo: Courtesy]

Pastor Paul Kuria of The Home of Glory Joy Ministry is a man who tickles many with his humorous expressions roped into his preachings.

Popularly known as “Man Kush”, he has become a darling for Kenyans and one of the reasons is due to his outlook on life, far from what many other men of the collar see and perceive of Christian life.

In a recent interview with comedian Jalang’o, he said that contrary to how people perceive him, he is proud of having attained a PhD in Philosophy counselling.

“When I go to other fellow bishops, I am Dr Bishop Paul Kuria. I have a PhD in philosophy one that I studied for, not the honourary,” he confidently said.

Pastor Kuria added that he has different personalities which have helped him survive as a pastor and as a businessman.

Surprisingly, he lifted the cover on his other life besides ministering in church saying that if his followers held back from giving their offerings, he would never go hungry.

Pastor Kuria has been running a profitable dog breeding business with the Great Dane breed being the core of his business.

A three-month-old Great Dane puppy costs Ksh75,000.

“I breed dogs, they are called Great Dane. One is Ksh75,000, a small one that is three months old,” he said adding that he had 46 dogs at the time.

He revealed that a fully matured dog would fetch between Ksh400,000 and Ksh500,000.

Pastor Kuria narrated that he decided to venture out on his own after attaining 19 points out of 36 in his CPE in 1978. He left for Arusha to live with his Aunt where he would engage in illicit business which saw his aunt arrested and jailed for seven years.

The father of three again left for Nakuru to live with his other aunt in Nakuru where he taught himself boxing and engaged in small businesses.

He would later marry in 1984 and got his first born in 1985 and released his first song “Rurimi” in 1988. This was the song that made him earn his first million bob.

Hitherto, he has over 50 songs out but focuses more on preaching.