‘Humbled’ Shaffie Weru speaks after unceremonious sack by Homeboyz Radio

Shaffie Weru. [Photo: Courtesy]

After a weekend filled with drama that led to his sacking, former Homeboyz presenter Shaffie Weru has broken the silence.

Early Monday morning, he made a figurative post across all his social media pages.

In the post on his social media pages, Shaffie said that if you do not like something you should change it.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree,” Shaffie said.

Shaffie together with his co-presenter Neville and DJ Joe Mfalme who hosted the Lit Off breakfast show ran into headwinds with Kenyans last week on Wednesday over their utterance on sexual violence against women.

Shaffie and crew waded into a debate where a woman was thrown off the 12th floor of a building by a man who she met on Facebook.

Eunice Wangari, 20, met Gatama Njoroge for the first time and spent the afternoon together at Ambank House in Nairobi.

Gatama made sexual advances towards her and she resisted. What followed was her being thrown off the 12th floor and landed on the 9th floor.

Their remarks which were perceived to glorify violence against women caused a storm online.

Homeboyz Radio was on the receiving end and on Friday, it suspended the three for two weeks and pledged to have them undergo a training session on ethical reporting in gender-based violence.

On Saturday, a twist into the disciplinary action came about after the East African Breweries Limited (EABL) paused advertising with Radio Africa which controls HomeBoyz Radio.

EABL said it cannot continue advertising with Radio Africa because it takes gender-based violence issues seriously.

“As a responsible corporate citizen that upholds and champions gender inclusion, diversity and human rights, we support the ongoing investigations,” read part of the statement.

 “EABL strives to promote inclusion and diversity and we discourage gender insensitive statements including negative portrayal of women in all our marketing campaigns. The context in which content on the Wednesday programme was relayed goes against the core tenets of this agenda.”

A few hours later, Homeboyz terminated the contracts of Shaffie, Neville and DJ Mfalme.

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) also suspended the breakfast show for six months and fined the station Ksh1 million.

Further, the station will air an apology for five consecutive days during prime time hours.