Husband to the infamous ”prettiest female gangster” shot dead in Juja

By Sylvia Karimi- Jamhuri News

Kayole undercover police, also known as ”Hessy” strikes again, this time killing the husband to ‘Nairobi’s prettiest gangster’. According to police sources, George Mwaniki aka Mwanii was shot on 20th August 2017. It is suspected that Mwanii and his gang killed two policemen in Kiambu.  They are also rumored to have killed several policemen in Eastlands. The gang had ambushed uniformed police in Githunguri where they made away with an AK47 rifle on Friday, August 18.

Police killed Mwanii with a man only identified as Willy in Witeithie area, Juja following a botched robbery. He is said to be the ring leader of the banned Gaza group which has terrorized residents of Kayole, Dandora and Utawala.

Mwanii was the husband of the slain gangster, Clea Adi Vybz whose real name is Claire Njoki, from Kayole. The pretty female gangster was buried at her home in Murang’a with fellow gangsters promising to avenge her death. The 17-year-old was part of a gang trailed by police and was shot dead when she refused to surrender.

Before his death, Mwaniki put up a post on Facebook accusing policemen of killing Claire for no reason. “Hessy, stop taking the credit for killing Claire saying that you had warned her and just settle your grudge with me like a man instead of dragging innocent people into battle they know nothing of.”

Mwaniki was killed by the infamous Hessy who has a history of killing thugs after warning them on Facebook.

Known variously as “Hessy wa Kayole”, “Hessy wa Huruma”, “Hessy wa Dandora”, “Hessy wa Eastlando”, depending on the location of the criminal he is preying on, the real identity of the shadowy character remains a mystery even within the police service.

“Hessy’s” activities first came to light after a plain clothes police officer was caught on video killing a young suspect in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.

On social media, “Hessy” uses a frozen picture of the current incident as his profile picture and identity.

Police recovered a pistol with five bullets from the slain duo killed on Sunday. Its serial number was written in Arabic. 

About the Author: Sylvia is a Bachelor of laws, LLB graduate from Kabarak University, and an author with Jamhuri News