I am ready to leave Jubilee Party for UDA, Ruto declares

Deputy President William Ruto. [Photo: Courtesy]

Deputy President William Ruto is ready to leave Jubilee Party for his new party United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Citizen on Thursday morning, Ruto said that his being elbowed out of the government was a red flag he took seriously.

Referring to the squabbles in Jubilee Party pitting him against President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ruto said that he is ready to leave.

“If it gets to a point where they do not want us to be there in Jubilee, then we must have a different plan. You cannot wait to hit a wall. Going forward, if there is no agreement, then we will plan ourselves with UDA. We have built UDA in partnership with Jubilee. It is not us starting afresh. We are just going on with what we already have,” said the Deputy President.

He said that Jubilee and UDA are one party and a coalition agreement exists, therefore, the latter is fit to become a national party.

He said the only shortcoming is that Jubilee is being fashioned into a “tribal party”.

“UDA and Jubilee are one. We have a coalition agreement with them and we have been working together.  If they break Jubilee, trying to make it a tribal party, we will build UDA as the national party we had hoped Jubilee will be,” he said.

“Jubilee now only meets to discipline and chase people. They are always plotting to kick so and so from such and such position for being allied to such and such a person.”

UDA was rebranded from PDR which successfully fielded five legislators in the Senate and National Assembly.

Ruto added that UDA policies are entrenched on nationalism which is what Jubilee Party fell short of.

Talking of 2022 politics, he made reference to possibly working with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

“Some people think I have problems with Raila. I do not. These differences are political. And there are things I agree with Raila. He’s agreed on the need to form national parties and he is facing similar issues (in the opposition) I am facing of regional chieftains. And I want to say this: If anybody wants to partner with us to bring up the hustler, we have no problem. We support, we will work together,” Ruto stated.

If this happened, Kenya would experience a whole political shift with the two coming together once again.