“I can’t spend the night out I’m married” Velvine’s date suspect told hotel manager

New details surrounding the death of Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui, 24, and a suspect at the centre of it all, Joseph Kinyua Murimi have emerged.

According to the DCI, the suspect is said to have picked Velvine in Kiambu, Kirigiti to be precise and headed to Q West restaurant for drinks.

He, however, told the police that he had been with Velvine two days before and not on February 23.

Investigations so far state that he moved to another joint, Kijito in Kahawa West before heading to Sinnot’s Hotel where he booked a room at around 9 pm.

CCTV footage shows Kinyua and Velvine cozying up at the reception area before picking up their room keys.

He is said to have left the room the following morning before Velvine’ was found in the room unconscious.

In one of the statements to the police, a barman who interacted with the suspect said that Kinyua told him he does not sleep out since he is married.

“Allegedly, Kinyua had told the barman that he had left Velvine in the unlocked room to rest as she was exhausted, and that he (Kinyua) couldn’t spend the night out since he was married,” the statement read adding that he left with Velvine’s phone.

The suspect is a salesman who markets assorted motor vehicle spare parts.

Velvine reached out to one of her friends on February 24 who took her to Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital (KUTRH).

Doctors diagnosed her with a broken spine and serious cervical injuries as a result of rape.

When the matter was reported at the Kiamumbi Police Station, the suspect was arrested, arraigned and released on a Ksh100,000 cash bail.

He was then rearrested on March 12 after Velvine’s death on March 9.

An autopsy report disclosed that Velvine had compression fractures on her veterbral column and that her lungs collapsed.

DCI’s Homicide branch stationed at the headquarters along Kiambu Road have taken over the case as the suspect remains behind bars.

Kiambu Law Courts on Friday allowed detectives to hold Kinyua for 10 more days as thy complete their investigations.