I did not kill my wife, husband to slain woman at City Park says

George Kirubi with his slain wife Janet Wangui. [courtesy]

The story of 41-year-old Janet Waiyaki who was slain by police bullets at City Park on Sunday has taken a new twist as the husband alleges extra-marital affair.

George Kirubi first saw the lifeless body of his second wife on Tuesday during post-mortem.

Kirubi says he was not home over the weekend and returned on Sunday morning and found out that Janet was out.

At 11 am, he received a call from friends informing him that Janet had been shot and was rushed to Avenue Park Hospital in Parklands.

“I did not even get to the hospital,” he recalled according to Daily Nation. “Another friend called me to tell me that Janet was dead.”

Janet’s family says their marriage was on the rocks because Kirubi was violent, a notion that he dismisses.

“You know families…they never lack squabbles. Couples fight. But she never went back to her parents because of a fight. She was a very good mother to our children,” a visibly unshaken Kirubi notes.

Kirubi, an astute businessman avers that he was perturbed by the closeness between his wife and his brother’s 26-year-old son Bernard Chege who was with Janet at the time of the shooting incident.

“I complained to Wangui’s mother and sister as well as Chege’s mother—who is my late brother’s wife —that I do not want that relationship between Chege and Wangui,” he says adding Chege was a like a son and would often visit his family.

But, he adds, “If it is true that those two had a sexual relationship… even the Bible is against that and the Bible says that people who engage in such sin are not supposed to be alive.”

He disputes claims that he could have had a hand in the killing of his wife who is the mother of his three children.

“They say that I am friends with the DCIO Parklands. Yes, he is my friend for many years. He even knew Janet. I also know the DCIO of Kamukunji and even Kinoti (Director of Criminal Investigation boss) is also my friend. But does that mean I killed my wife?” he poses.

“I did not kill my wife. Now, why would I kill Janet? Of what benefit would it be for me to kill the mother of my three children? If I killed my wife, who would raise my three young children?”

“What is important is that I accept that she is gone. Although I am in a lot of pain. This is the Lord’s doing.”

Kirubi and Janet met 16 years ago. He was a hotel owner while Janet worked there and she did not hesitate to become the second wife after the proposal was made.

Her husband opened a mobile phone and beauty products for her in Nairobi which she has been running until her untimely death.

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